6 School Supplies You Might Be Wasting Your Money On

6 School Supplies You Might Be Wasting Your Money On

School supply can be stressful. Ask any parent around the 1st of August and they are no doubt feeling the stress and burn that back to school shopping can bring. When you are considering your back to school shopping list this year, you should know that there are some items you might be wasting your money on. Look below at our list of 6 supplies you might be wasting your money on, and see why now is the time to shop smarter and save some cash! Here is what you need to know!

1. Novelty erasers.
You know the ones: they are shaped like ice cream cones and smell like them too. But the problem is, these novelty erasers rarely work. They tend to be quite waxy and don’t thoroughly erase pencil marks. So skip the cute erasers, and grab a basic pink office eraser from Dollar Tree instead.

2. Pencil boxes.
Pencil boxes tend to be clunky, don’t always stay closed, and don’t fit into desks well. Instead, opt for a pencil bag. Chances are you can find one of these at the dollar store as well, and they fit much better into desks and backpacks. Plus, they zip closed, keeping your items safe and sound.

3. Pencil sharpeners.
Since handheld pencil sharpeners can be quite messy and a distraction, many schools are asking children not to bring them in. Skip the cute and colorful handheld pencil sharpeners and just have your child use the sharpener provided for the class. If your child really desires one, buy one at the dollar store to keep at home during homework time.

4. White Out.
Unless you have a child in the junior high or high school level, chances are they won’t need white out liquid or tape. Many teachers find White Out to be another messy distraction, and would prefer they erase mistakes instead. Don’t buy White Out unless it is on the list and preferred by your child’s teacher. Otherwise, it might just get sent home on day one and go to waste.

5. Dry Erase Markers.
Many teachers are asking children to send in dry erase markers to add to the class stash. While this is no issue, the variance is prices sure is! Grab these at your local dollar store, because if you buy them anywhere else they can run nearly $10 for a pack of 3!

6. Lunch box supplies.
Instead of buying numerous packages of disposable baggies, try reusable baggies instead. Over the course of a year it will cost you less, and it is earth friendly as well. You can also use reusable silverware, cloth napkins, and Bento boxes to cut down on waste and the cost of disposable items.

Are you ready to save money on school supplies this year? Then consider these 6 school supplies you might be wasting money on. See what you really need, what you don’t, and how you can can compromise and save some cash. These tips are sure to help you get back to school for less, which is a great way to start the year!


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