Benefits of Eating as a Family

Benefits of Eating Together as a Family

Eating meals together as a family is very important to the well-being of the entire family. The whole family will be healthier, happier, and more bonded. Children will get better grades, and parents will feel closer to each other. The benefits of sharing regular meals together are so vast that it is hard to just list a few.

Better Health

When you cook at home the food is going to be a lot healthier. Restaurants, (even from scratch ones) and packaged foods usually put a lot of salt, fat, and sugar in everything. It’s the holy grail of cooking to get people to become addicted to the food so that they come back. The only reason food tastes so rich and good when you go out is that fat, salt, and sugar combination and this is true even if you’re eating vegetables in most places.

More Bonding

When you spend time together doing something that is fun and not just work, it brings you closer together. Preparing a meal together, and then consuming it, and even cleaning it up after is a very nurturing thing to do together. You can have good, healthy conversations during the process. Plus, it’s just relaxing to smell food cooking while talking and laughing. It truly brings families together.

Happier Family Life

When the family is bonded well, it truly can feel like you have a soft place to fall at home. But without that bonding, it’s hard to enjoy being home. If you have kids who never want to be home have you ever wondered why? It’s not that they’re normal teens, it’s that you’re not fun to be around. Try being more relaxed, and let things go a bit. Enjoy your time with your kids. They won’t be there long.

Children Perform Better in School

Having dinner at home more often is so important that studies show that children get better grades if they spend more time at home with their parents during meals. Part of is nutrition and part of it is that bonding we were talking about. Getting the nutrition you need to grow, think, sleep well, and move – is very important to getting good grades.

Better Marriage

If you want to be closer to your spouse, then you have to spend time together other than during sleep. The act of preparing the family meal together can be good for your marriage communication, make you both want sex more, which is going to bring you closer together and help you form that united front you need for raising children into adulthood.

When you spend time with your family doing things that are nurturing, fun, and fulfilling it brings you all closer together as a family unit. If you haven’t been doing dinner together it’s time to start. Start slow, so that you don’t upset anyone but do start implementing at least one night a week then start adding new nights so that before you know it you’re spending more time together as a family doing something that is fun and stress-free. Not to mention good for you.

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