Combining Your Creativity with Organizing

How to Combine Your Creativity with Organizing Your Home

Did you ever stop to think that you can get creative with your organizing? For many people who are naturally creative, organization can really go against the grain; it seems so uncreative somehow. But if you’re frustrated with mess yet lack the “wiring” to get things in order, why not combine your creativity with organizational methods? Organizing can actually be an outlet that way.

Creative organizing can also motivate you if you’re just stuck in the doldrums and don’t want to organize, aren’t sure how, or think you need some special formula.

So here are some tips on creative organizing.

  1. Decorate!

Is your living space full of little things that don’t seem to have a place? Maybe you’ve thought about putting them in some kind of container, but nothing looks good with your decor. Here’s an idea: make decorative boxes. You can use ordinary shoe boxes, wooden boxes, plastic bins – whatever you have on hand. Then decorate them to match your room. Here are some ideas:

  • Cover boxes with material, such as might be left over from upholstering your couch or chairs, or an old article of clothing. You can use fabric you find on sale, too.
  • Glue mirrors, buttons, or beads to the outside of the boxes.
  • Paint boxes with primer and then whatever color and design you like – solid, patterns, whatever. Use leftover paint that you used on the walls of the room if you like.
  • Decoupage works on wood or cardboard surfaces, and can add a unique look to any container.
  • Wallpaper and contact paper make quick and attractive coverings for boxes.
  • Dried, pressed leaves and flowers can be glued on with decoupage medium, or just glued onto the box and covered with clear contact paper.

Once you have your boxes decorated, you can put them around the room however you see fit. They can go into corners, onto tables, or into shelves and bookcases. If you like, your decorations can denote what’s in the box – a TV design for remotes, for instance.

  1. Creative Containers

Did you ever think outside the box on containers? You can use egg cartons, tackle boxes, and pretty much any segmented box to store whatever you like, from earrings to safety pins to collectible rocks.

You can also make containers with soup cans. Once washed and cleaned of their labels, soup cans may be spray-painted, glued together, used vertically or sideways…you name it. You could even make a “wall” of cans painted and stacked on their sides to make a circle-intensive storage area for lots of little things. This arrangement could be hung up, too.

  1. Fun Games

Get your kids and spouse to help out by making organizing a fun family activity. (Yes, it can be fun!) Make it into a game, or sing songs while you do it, or give everyone a pile of laundry to fold and see who’s finished the fastest. You can also dole out sit-down chores to family members as they watch TV or during family movie time.

You’re more likely to get and stay organized if your methods fit your personality and your family dynamic. So don’t be afraid to go with your own ideas and creativity!

How to Combine Your Creativity with Organizing Your Home
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